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FGMTech srl

FgmTech srl

Technology & Innovation

Conveyor belts – Waste processing machines and plants – Industrial Carpentry – Special machines – Prototypes – Design – Technical Advice – Feasibility studies – Maintenance

Who we are

FGMTech srl draws its origins from the entrepreneurial desire to create a dynamic company with real and effective technical skills in the design and construction of machines and industrial plants, focusing on different sectors. The strategic choice to put collaborators with proven and multi-year experience within the company allows FGMTech srl to develop and perform a whole series of standardized machines, products and components and at the same time to design and manufacture customized products in line with the real production needs of the customers.

In order to support its staff, FGMTech made agreements and consolidated collaborations with partners, professionals and qualified and certified companies in sectors that are complementary compared to its skills, thus allowing to develop projects, industrial lines, mechanical carpentry, civil and industrial carpentry more or less complex, in line with current regulations, placing itself in front of the competitors with a unique Price/Quality ratio, grabbing a slice of a market that is in constant evolution.


It is the tradition of FGMTech to work in terms of Dynamism and Innovation respecting the commitments undertaken. Thanks to this approach, the FGMTech Team is always looking for new solutions and alternatives for the development of its products. It is following these principles that the company turns to the customers transforming the basic relationship between customer and supplier into a relationship of natural collaboration that, inevitably, leads the customer’s needs to match with the solutions suggested for the different problems, thus developing the product, which is the simple machine or a complex plant, that fully complies with all the requirements in terms of quality, budget, production costs and maintenance of the end user.